Beauty Makeup Styles And Tips

We all want to enhance our best features when we go out. We all want to look and feel our best. There is a certain level of confidence that exudes out of a woman who knows she put herself together and taken the time to present herself to the world with her best foot forward. This doesnt only happen with our mood or personality, but also with the way we look. Think about a time when you went out and you knew you had on your favourite dress and that little pair of heels you had stuffed in the back of your closet for months and months; you have done your hair, put on a spritz of perfume (natural or store bought) and you took the time to prepare your skin prior to going out. Did you feel more or less confident than you did on a day you went out with unbrushed hair and your old sweats that you usually wear around the house?

How we present ourselves to the world, whether we like to admit it or not, plays a role in how we are perceived by the people around us.

So how should we do our makeup? What looks can we achieve without going overboard and risking looking like a clown?

Below are some tips you can use to your advantage to get your best look and find your own personal style in makeup:

DEWEY LOOK: good for dry to normal skin wont look good on oily skin

  • start with moisturizer goo dbase for all day wear
  • then use tinted moisturizer using foundation brush include the lips eyelids too
  • now powder lips and eyelids
  •  use light pink shimmer on eyelids and mascara only on top lashes and a pink lip shiny and light pink blush .


  •  play up eyes with light sand brown, (orange or light yellow based) or pink based light browns. 
  • natural looking
  • start with primer if needed to tone down redness of skin
  • light amount of liquid foundation follow with powder to eyelids and lips and entire face
  • matte finish eyeshadow in brown or med brown just alone lash line and then blend to upper lid
  • white eyeliner is nice on bottom lash line then some eyeshadow under eyes as well to create depth
  •  swipe lids with bit of brown shadow then deep brown mascara. 
  • nude lipstick and peach blush. 
  • good for dark haired ladies


  • don’t go overboard and make everything shine
  •  this uses mica (a light reflecting crystal)
  • add of any look to highlight a feature like cheekbones, nose lips eyelids forehead and body
  • metallic look good for darker skin tones, shimmers work on everyone. 
  • cooler shades look nice with darker tones
  • matter foundation then a little shimmer to eyeshadow
  • then  mascara, blush and shimmery lipstick or gloss


  • great for spring and summer
  • mix and match–fun or coral lipstick with turquoise shadow.
  • let eyes and lips stand out by keeping everything neutral


  •  soft colours like pastels and neutrals. 
  • add a bit of shimmer to add romantic touch
  • lashes should be curled and use lengthening mascara
  • all ages, keep lip colour soft and use light pastel colours


  •  client needs to be confident to pull this look off. 
  • bold eyeliner and combine with curled lashes many coats of mascara
  • bright colours on eyes


  • go darker using grey and black shadow
  • cover whole lid 
  • blend
  • blend black shadow to brow bone before adding a thin layer of liner into the inner eye for more drama and corner and lower line.
  • then add black eyeliner to top lid and use heavy mascara
  • then finish with a bold shadow to finish look



  •  lighter warm colours
  • dewy look is great for outdoors, beach 
  • nude works everywhere
  • softer colours pastel colours and light colours creates a more relaxed design


  •  go a little deeper in colours and styles
  • darker eyeshadows are great smoky look
  • contouring, depth in face and eyes

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Highlighting emphasizes a feature
  • Shadowing makes features less noticeable and minimizes the feature
  • Blending is necessary to make the makeup seamless


  • Dark, medium, and light colored lip liners
  • Various shades and colors of foundations
  • Dark and light shades of concealers
  • Eye shadows and eye lining pencils that are in light to dark colors, including grays and browns
  • Powder that is translucent
  • Brushes, sponges, and applicators
  • Angled tip tweezers
  • Various brushes of different sizes


must match skin

eye brightener: brighten widen eyes

foundation: perfect finish

Primer: smooth appearance.


  • Round eyes: extend the shadow past the outer corners of the eyes to lengthen them and make them look more oblong. This technique will also make the eyes look bigger. Eyeliner can also be used to obtain the same effect. You will apply the eyeliner along the top eyelash from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Pass the line of the eye slightly. Now apply the liner to the lower lash line from the middle to the outer edge to meet the other line. Now fill in that triangle shape in between the lines. It will create a longer eye and, in essence, make it look bigger.
  • Close-set eyes: by applying lighter colored eye shadow on the lids of the eyes near the nose, and darker colored eye shadow near the edges of the lids, it will make the eyes look further apart.
  • Deep-set eyes: light and reflective colors can be applied into the creases, and darker colors should only be used sparingly.
  • Prominent eyes: make it harder to notice the eyes by blending a medium shadow over the prominent part of the eyelid and then blending it up towards the eyebrow.
  • Round and Square faces: use a darker foundation along the outer edges of the temples and blend it. Then blend the same foundation along the jawline and cheekbones. A lighter foundation should then be used in the centre from the chin to the forehead.
  • Narrow face: a light foundation used along the outer edges of the cheekbones can be used.
  • Wide jaw: use a darker colored foundation under the cheekbones and on the jawline.
  • Receding chin: highlight the chin with a lighter colored foundation.
  • Double chin: Apply a darker foundation to the double chin under the jawline.

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