Nonsurgical body contouring, also known as nonsurgical body sculpting, or hourglass sculpting are procedures to reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat and reduce cellulite without surgery in different areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, bottom, back and upper arms.

Surgical liposuction procedures differ from nonsurgical body contouring primarily because radio frequency, wood sculpting, fat cavitation and laser lipo fat reduction techniques do not require incisions, stitches, anesthesia or lengthy recovery times. These services are not intended to be weight loss replacement techniques but instead an amazing pair duo in combination with exercise and healthy diet making for incredible results. Team work makes the Dream work! 

There are several types of methods used for nonsurgical fat removal found below, we use any number of them together per session depending on the customized requirements upon consultation for the best results for out clients. All services are include lymphatic massage to add to your body sculpting results. Keep reading below to learn about each type of service and how Body sculpting at Glamore Beauty Bar will benefit you in your body contouring journey! 

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency body contouring has become quite popular with clients who are seeking non-surgical tightening in Brampton and GTA.

Radiofrequency body contouring tightens the skin, removes fat and improves tone without any downtime or pain at all. This pain-free procedure reduces cellulite, boosts collagen production and gets rid of fatty deposits that fail to go with exercise.

Radiofrequency Skin tightening in Brampton is also an excellent way to minimize stretch marks and scars, increase collagen and elastin production but virtue of heating the inner layers of the skin in conjunction with our RED light LED therapy.

We would like to invite you to come into our clinic for a consult to see how Radio Frequency skin tightening in Brampton can work for you.  

Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation is often billed as a liposuction alternative. It’s another type of noninvasive body contouring method to reduce the appearance of fat on the body.

In this method, ultrasonic waves transform your fat cells into fatty acids. Your body can then dispose of those fatty acids — they won’t stick around as fat cells do.

However, ultrasound cavitation isn’t technically a “fat loss” procedure. Liposuction targets fat more specifically. With ultrasound fat cavitation, you’ll instead measure your success by how many inches you lose after treatment.

If you want a tighter, more toned look, this might be the right procedure for you.

Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo consists of placing pads equipped with low level laser diodes directly onto the target area. The laser energy penetrates down to the fat cells and creates tiny holes in their membranes causing fat cells to slowly break down and liquefy. The body then flushes out the expelled fat-cell contents via the lymphatic system. 

Wood Therapy

Wood therapy body sculpting in Brampton works by moving blood and breaking down fat in certain areas. Surprisingly, wood therapy tools have also been found to help reduce the appearance of cellulite which is done by restructuring tight fascia tissue which is what gives the dimple-like appearance.

Wood rollers are typically used aggressively going back and forth in a small area.

Wood therapy sculpting and rolling tools have become popular for helping drain the lymphatic system of bodily toxins and plays an important role in non surgical body sculpting.

“A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself.” – Marilyn Monroe