Code of Hygiene in Clinical Beauty Salons

Hygiene is not so much a set of rules as an attitude of mind and common sense. the stricter the rules, the less risk there is of error causing complications.

In the beauty industry in Brampton we are working in a close body contact situation where the risk of cross contamination exists between the client an the therapist, as well as between clients. Clients have the right to to expect that in all such personal treatments there will be a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness of surfaces and instruments, and washing hands prior to treatment should become second nature.

At Diamond And Pearl Spa, clinical skin care spa in Brampton, we take the upmost care in ensuring proper cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces and tools is done at the beginning of the work day, in between clients and at the end of the work day.

Remember there are many infections that afflict clients which may not just be of AIDS proportion, but are nonetheless avoidable.


The therapist should always ensure that waterproof plastics cover any obvious cuts or abrasions on their hands. In addition, any obvious cuts or abrasions on the client to be treated must be similarly covered or additional care taken in cleaning and disinfecting. The therapist should wash their hands before and after treatment and clean , disinfect and sanitize in between clients to minimize risk of cross contamination of pathogens. Diamond and Pearl Spa Brampton takes this is a priority and sanitation is of upmost importance. Whether it be a facial in Brampton, Permanent makeup Brampton or Skin tightening Brampton, you will be in good hands and safe.


Clients should wear foot coverings at all times to keep the room as sterile as possible. This is to minimize the risk of infections and dirt.


Surgical spirit is useful for cleansing skin, instruments and surfaces to remove grease and organic matter. A concentration of 70% alcohol should be considered minimal for most other purposes. We also use Preempt to sanitize surfaces.

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