Deep Cleansing Facial & What To Expect

Deep cleansing facials are a great way to give your skin a fresh start and boost its natural glow. If you’re considering getting a deep cleansing facial, here’s what you can expect:

First, we will begin by thoroughly double cleansing your skin to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup. 1st cleanse is with general normal cleanser and 2nd cleanse is to target specific concerns.

During this process we use a steam machine to open up your pores and make them easier to clean out and prepare for extractions.

After steaming, depending on what type of facial we are doing or whether or not any chemical peel is included, we will use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. Overall this step is important because it helps your skin better absorb the products applied later in the facial.

Once your skin is exfoliated, we may use a tool such as a comedone extractor to remove any blackheads or whiteheads. This step can be slightly uncomfortable, but it’s an important part of the deep cleansing process. For clients with super sensitive skin or those prone to hyperpigmentation, we may opt for the ultrasonic skin scrubber only to avoid squeezing the skin.

After the extraction process is complete, we will cleanse with witch hazel to remove any bacteria from spreading and then apply a mask tailored to your skin’s needs. This could be a clay mask to draw out impurities, a hydrating mask to nourish dry skin, or a brightening mask to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Its all relative to your skins requirements as we tailor all treatments to your skin.

Finally, we will finish your facial with a skin specific serum, moisturizer and sunscreen to hydrate and protect your skin.

Overall, a deep cleansing facial is a great way to give your skin a thorough cleanse and leave it looking and feeling refreshed. Just make sure to follow up with a good skincare routine at home to maintain the benefits of your facial. Ask us which products are best for your skin.

Happy Facialing!

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