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Laser Hair Removal For All Skin Tones

What exactly is laser hair removal?

Lasers are not all created equal. It takes a lot of knowledge and schooling to understand exactly how lasers work to be able to utilize the appropriate laser on the appropriate patient based on a variety of factors such as ethnic background, coarseness thickness and colour of hair, skin typing on the Fitzpatrick scale as well as other factors. Understanding which laser to use based on the above noted factors is mandatory for both the safety of the patient and to ensure effective results. Lighter skin tones may need alexandrite or diode laser and darker skin tones should be only using ND: Yag lasers to protect the skin from burns. At Glamore Beauty Bar our laser hair removal machine is safe and effective on all skin tones from Fitzpatrick levels 1 – 6.

It is normal to require between 6-12 sessions to see final results and we find that many of our patients are happy after the 6 session. Because of this we book 6 session packages and then reassess. Call the clinic to book your appointment and come in for a free consult and patch test prior to your service.

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