How do we achieve beautiful skin? Drink water, exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and practice a routine skin care regime both at home and clinically. We offer a variety of customized beneficial clinical skin care treatments that will assist in retaining and achieving a healthy and beautiful complexion. In general this is done through regular customized facials and other more advanced treatments to rejuvenate and tighten your skin by method of heat, High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (or HIFU), RF, and micro needling. Each of these methods works by disrupting the under layer of the skin where the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin has slowed down (causing the skin to appear droopy, dry and wrinkled) and stimulates its production by creating tiny “traumas” to the skin thereby forcing the body to go into repair mode resulting in tighter, brighter, more plump and youthful skin. Treatments can be done on face and body to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. GLAMORE Beauty Bar and Skin Clinic offers a variety of these treatments to help you turn back the hands of time, tighten and lift your skin to achieve a beautiful youthful radiant glow. 

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When it comes to achieving plump, youthful skin, you’ve got to try out skin tightening at GLAMORE Beauty Bar. Located in the heart of downtown Brampton, we also provide skin tightening to Mississauga, Orangeville and GTA surrounding residents.

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Skin, Aging, and the Sun

Our Skin is our largest organ and not only protects us, but also is the only organ that has constant exposure to damaging free radicals and UV rays. It is imperative to take care of our skin to not only protect it from early signs of aging but also from becoming damaged and sick. Our bodies are composed of 99% water so along with our treatments, daily exercise, healthy eating, appropriate water intake and ofcourse daily use of sun block is absolutely imperative for our skin to remain soft and supple. As we age our collagen and elastin production slows down so aging skin of course, is inevitable. GLAMORE Beauty Bar and Skin Clinic in Brampton is your number one spa located in the heart of Downtown Brampton, that can help you achieve the skin of your dreams!

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