The Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Massage introduces physiological changes in the body through our relaxation response and our mechanical response.

doing so in turn, boosts the body’s level of serotonin (our feel good hormone). This is why during and after a massage we have a sense of overall wellbeing and relaxation.

By manipulating our soft tissue with massage our body actually rids itself of toxins and waste products through the increase of oxygen to our cells therefore assisting in lymphatic drainage as well.

Massage minimizes muscle stiffness and spasms whether athletic or not. Many athletes use massage as a means to minimize lactic acid build up after competition or intense practice. Many labourers in the workforce become stiff and in pain from repetitive movement in the same way for extended periods resulting in stiff inflexible bodies. Massage assists with this too. Diamond and Pearl Spa does massage for women who need to simply learn to take time for themselves in such a hectic and busy world we live in.

Once our nerves are relaxed through manual manipulation of massage they are able to transmit messages properly to the rest of the body resulting in our brains being able to control our organs much more effectively.

We offer full body massage, foot massage, head massage, back massage, hot stone therapy massage and more here at Diamond and Pearl Spa. You can come to us or we are more than happy to come to you too! Whether in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Caledon, Orangeville or more, we are thrilled to introduce our mobile spa services to help you relax even while on the go.

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