The Fitzpatrick Scale

The Fitzpatrick scale was created in 1975 by a dermatologist by the name of Dr. Fitzpatrick. It was created to assist physicians and aesthetician’s in determining a persons sensitivity to uv exposure, laser and skin treatments prior to any procedure to minimize traum a and potentially permanent injury to the skin. 

There are 6 classifications of Fitzpatrick scale ranging from 1-6 displayed by use of roman numerals. 

Skin type number one are comprised of people with pale white skin, blue/green eyes and blind/red hair. These individuals always burn and never tan when exposed to uv rays of the sun. 

Skin type number 2 is comprised of individuals who are fair skinned and blue eyes who burn easily and tans poorly. Skin type number 3 is comprised of people who have darker white skin who tan after an initial burn. Type 4 are individuals who have an olive skin complexion with a light brown skin tone who tan easily and burn rarely usually only after extended unprotected exposure to the suns rays. Fitzpatrick scale number 5 are people with brown skin who rarely burn and tans darkly with ease. Lastly, individuals who are classified as number 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale have dark brown to black skin and never burns while always tanning darkly.

It is imperative to have and in depth understanding of the Fitzpatrick scale as an aesthetician to protect your client from injury, skin trauma and burns during any laser or chemical skin peeling procedure. 

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